Strategy summary

The IOP Strategy is developed in a good cooperation between management and the Board. The Strategy is owned by the Board, and is a “contract” between the Board and Managing Director.

The Strategy with main focus on Situation today, Objectives and Main action points, shall be communicated and followed up in the whole organisation. Job Satisfaction and commitment shall ensure the success of this Strategy.


 IOP Strategic Plan-2020-2024


Situation Today

  • Presence of motivated staff
  • Presence of facility completion plan
  • Funds missing for completing the missing facilities
  • Employeeship triangle part of contract with all employees, but not fully implemented
  • High achievements in many areas
  • Missing facilities

Main actions

  • Establish a competent management
  • Fundraising for construction of the missing facilities
  • Construction of the missing facilities-buildings and sports field
  • Strengthen the culture and competence of the staff
  • Improve communication
  • Maintain the good relationship with donors
Possible with Volunteerism, Commitment, Responsibility and Respect