There are four departments in IOP. Each department has different programs which aim at ensuring the quality of the service delivered to the community. These departments are Most Vulnerable Children t, Education and Culture, Women and Empowerment, and Sustainability, Volunteers and Fundraising. 

Department of Most Vulnerable Children and Health

“Invites partners within social, economic and health services to help improve the well being of the Most Vulnerable Children and the community”

Education and Culture Department

"Improves the organisational capability and invest in high-quality educational services to the students/stakeholders to enable them to lead transformations in
the community"

Sustainability, Volunteers and Fundraising Department

“Establishes a competent management and obtain necessary fundraising to
complete the IOP strategies"

Women and Empowerment Department

“Provides education and work opportunities to youth and women to strengthen social, economic and political opportunities to obtain gender equality in the