-A project for production of high quality blocks and paving blocks

IOP got a block and paving machine as a result of the support from Team Ueland and friends in Norway.   The machine is producing the high quality blocks and paving blocks which are highly needed in construction activities

With the machine, IOP has provided an employment to 8 daily workers working with this machine. The acquired income goes back to their families and makes a difference.  Those employees enjoy the benefit of the work as they have an opportunity to earn up to 6$ per day. This is one of the rare income the majority can afford in our area and the employed people, form part of the big community that has no form al employment and less than 1USD income per day.

IOP aims at making some projects self-supporting. The presence of the block making project, IOP vehicles/tractors, are able to receive income through supply of sand, loading and unloading of blocks and paving together with materials at the machine center and the rest of IOP projects. When sold, the blocks and paving blocks give an income to IOP as well. In that way, IOP is generating income from which will eventually assist with some important activities aiming at improving the lives of the community members.

IOP has different ongoing construction works. The machine has enabled IOP reduce costs through buying blocks from other suppliers. IOP Montessori primary school, for instance, has bought paving blocks and wall making blocks from the machine. This is an important advantage of having its own machine. The machine makes IOP control the quality, quantity and time in making the construction materials.

IOP thanks all individuals and families for overseeing what IOP can do to the community, advising and offering a possible sustaining income to the different families who do not have reliable jobs/source of income.