Chicken Project

The project started in 2014 for the purpose of increasing an income for running different activities.

In 2012 a volunteer, Kjetil Andreas Størkson, decided to make a plan for the chickens here at IOP. He shared the idea with the SUFH group that was there the same year, and they helped with some contribution. Kjetil also shared the idea with Kim Osmund Ueland, who also was there at the same time as him, and Kim liked the idea a lot. That was the first time Kim was at IOP. Kim also shared the idea with his family, in Norway, and they all helped arranging events to collect money to make the project happen. Thanks to the Ueland family, we got a chicken house, and now a kindergarten too!

The chicken house opened on the International Women’s Day, the 8th of March 2013. The goal that was made, was to collect 10 000 000 Tzs  (around 4 569,36 dollars) a year, by selling eggs. The money would be used to buy food for the chickens, salary for the people working with the chickens and the administration at IOP.

Again, thank you so much to Kjetil and Kim for starting this, to Osmund Ueland for always checking how the project is going, and for everyone who have helped and supported the project along the way!

The chicken house has the maximum holding capacity of 700 chickens. IOP see the chicken project as the potential source of income for sustainability. The chicken house construction funds were 100% given by Ueland family  while the running cost of the chicken project is IOP's  responsibility. Professional and financial support gained from Tom Bryan, USA,  has added value to the running and development of the project.