Ilula Tigers Sports Club

Football (soccer), volleyball and netball are all sports offered with the purpose of bringing all genders to a common ground, empowering youth and building community. This important program strives to teach about the possibilities and benefits of being involved with competitive sports activities. With more support from donors inside and outside Tanzania, it is becoming to draw more girls into the sports program.

In the future, the program hopes to introduce additional sports, including basketball and gymnastics. Currently, competitions are held on a soccer field next to the Ilula Orphan Center. Ilula Tiger Sports Club aspires to add a second field and building to house the sports club and its equipment. There is room to make all of these possibilities happen with extra resources and help from different people.

Through Sports and games, IOP contacts Sports Festival every year. The sports festival collects people/children from different places around Ilula to participate in various sports and games. The festival is normally for one week. The week ends with the commemoration of the African Child Day on 16th June. It is an avenue for many people from different places to come and share their experiences and hear different subjects taught in relation to children rights, gender based violence and environment.

Join us to have a wonderful moment of growth in sports and games.