Integrated Community Empowerment Project

The Foster Family Project supports children who lost both parents and remain connected to their culture and community.

The family supported must have two or more children in addition to their own (biological) children. The IOP Foster Family Project started in 2003 in effort to encourage local families to take in orphaned children. The program is currently supporting over 500 children living in over 200 families within the project area.

The Foster Family Program is in need of more supporters and partners to continue with providing material support to families in the form of mosquito nets, food vouchers, school fees and bedding. This is very important in order to reduce the burden faced by the foster parents (most of them are above 60years) in raising the orphans.

The project is supported by Norwegian Church Aid. IOP has received over 350,000$ to provide different services to the households having Foster Children.

It has trained the community on different things including Environmental Protection, Hygiene, Parenting, Public Resources expenditures tracking, Village Community Banks and Income Generating Activities