Kid’s Corner

The Kid’s Corner Preschool currently has 72 students, ranging from 3 to 6 years old. The preschool prepares students for primary school by teaching English and encouraging a love of learning.

For 144,000TSH (approximately $70USD), the school provides food on daily basis (porridge, fruit, rice or beans), classroom instruction, learning materials, books, and a seat for every child. With four teachers and three assistants, the IOP preschool stands out with its low student to teacher ratio. In class, the students are taught ten subjects: English, Kiswahili, Math, Science, Geography, Traditional Dances, Good Manners, Religion, Materials and History.  The medium of instruction is Kiswahili.

Thank to different donors and partners for taking an eye and devoting their resources to support the school. We welcome all interested individuals in ensuring that children get the best and affordable education. 

Independent Learning is a key to self-discovery and knowledge generation