Sponsor Program

The Sponsorship Program was the first and continues to be the largest of all of the IOP’s initiatives. It provides sponsorship to students from Kindergarten/Pre school to University levels.

A sponsor may sign up for paying for school fees one year at a time or may give general donation or one time donation or for many years. Sponsorship comes from one individual, family or institutions or two or more sponsors may join and support one student. Through sponsored education, rural youth are offered the opportunity to reach success; many of the IOP staff, including department heads and program managers, are former sponsor students. Other sponsor students are working as primary and secondary teachers, masons, carpenters, tailors, electricians, doctors, community development officers, extension officers, Molecular Biologists and Biotechnologists, Engineers, Textile technologists, and office secretaries.

Over 1,793 students have benefited from the IOP Sponsorship Program and hundreds of other children and adolescents are waiting to be sponsored. The demand is growing. Applications are received in hundreds every year but the capacity to accommodate all is minimal. Thanks to the generous individuals, groups, families and foundations paying for school fees and other related needs. They are the treasures to the many beneficiaries.

We are still having many children in the waiting list. Contact the nearest IOP Office to get the details and the description of students who are in a very high need of educational support.

May God bless you all for choosing to sponsor a child. You have made the Divine choice



Sponsors are encouraged to support the same student throughout their primary, secondary and university studies (if applicable). Read below to get more about the cost and process of sponsoring a student and to watch videos featuring former sponsor students.

Go together; sponsor a child throughout his/her education.

Sponsor a child, give her/him happiness

How to Become a Sponsor

  1.  Contact the nearest IOP Committee Chairperson or Treasurer of IOP and get the relevant information. New sponsors may choose any level of education to sponsor

  2. Send your payment to the nearest IOP Office after getting the payments details and breakdowns or account.

  3. You may choose to send extra money to your sponsor student as a gift, or to help with additional personal expenses of the student. If you are sending such funds in addition to the standard fee, state what it is for, for example, holiday gift, extra book expenses, or birthday present. Explanations of the funds are important for record keeping and getting the money to the student.

  4. If you are paying only part of the student fees, include a note with your form or statement explaining your plans for sponsoring your student. The IOP can work to find co-sponsors for students whose sponsors cannot afford the full payment. It is always important to keep the communication alive with the sponsor child. They will normally write or send drawings to their sponsors. 

Please contact family, friends, neighbors, Sunday School classes, work colleagues etc. and ask them to sponsor students or make a general donation to IOP. You might consider honoring someone by sponsoring a student or donating to a specific project instead of giving birthday, anniversary, or holiday gifts. Donations are also appropriate for memorial gifts. We would be glad to send a note to your honoree or family if you wish. Include their contact information with your payments. IOP will always spent the funds for what is specified by the sponsor.