Workshops at the IOP perform a dual function as income generating activities as well as job opportunities for young people in the community, including former sponsored students who have learned a trade.

The fully functional carpentry shop provides job opportunities for four highly skilled individuals. Their projects span from custom solar powered ovens to most of the woodwork in the Center itself. In the future, the carpenters will be joined by welders working in an adjacent shop that has been built, but not yet fully equipped.

Clothing for students, both uniforms and shoes, are also being produced in IOP workshops. The tailor shop is a way for students to obtain school uniforms at a reasonable price in a central location. It also allows the four seamstresses who work there to take on additional orders from the community for extra income. The self-employed staff at the shoe-making workshop can build up to 3 pairs of shoes a day, all by hand for students and other members of the community.