Young Mothers Empowerment Center

In Tanzania, girls getting pregnancy while at school are usually not allowed to continue their education. To compensate for this, the Young Mothers’ Incubation Center was created to serve these socially isolated young women. 

The Center teaches economic empowerment and economic independence to young mothers. Different workshops are currently held at the IOP, different churches, and in meetings with the local government. The Young Mothers meet in the afternoon after Sollerud Kindergarten Tanzania children have gone home. . In 2016,16 women were accepted into the program, with the hopes of including more in the future. Village Community Banks (VICOBA) was initiated so that they can buy some shares and borrow some money for doing small businesses or similar purpose. 

The Young Mothers who graduate from the program show results that are everlasting. They are able to work independently, decide consciously and work greatly for the community. Some of them have self employment and others employed by the reputable institutions like Farm for the Future (T) Limited. 


The plan for 2017 is to recruit 20 young mothers 

Young Mother Empowerment Center

Some of the Single Young Mothers