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As a growing organization, IOP gets new things started, new volunteers coming, new children being recruited in Sponsor Program, Integrated Community Empowerment Project and IOP Center for girls and the like. We welcome friends to get updates on what happens on daily basis in IOP  Tanzania and IOP Committees

Sunflower Primary School

Thanks to CSI, IOP luxembourg and Sunflower Montessori School, Luxembourg


Construction progress



The Examination Hall, The Lord’s Hill Secondary School

We call the Lord's Hill Hall or Multipurpose Hall or Examination Hall! Any name is relevant!!

It is eventually happening to be an important part of our Lord's Hill Secondary School. Endless appreciations to all friends around the World. We have many who have done this important work by financially donating to this course. We can't forget them at all. Our hall is going, for the first time, to be used for the National Examination for our 45 form four students. Its use give an everlasting and friendly atmosphere for the examinees! They will surely be very comfortable!
Thanks to different IOP family members who joined us when we turned for help. Helping for the wellbeing of our lovely community is our ONE goal! Creating a conducive learning atmosphere is an important aspect towards a new standard of living for the Tanzanian Community.
Special thanks to all our IOP committees in the USA, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Denmark.
Our key donors, our all the time donors, 1. Fovea foundation, Norway 2. Engebraaten School, Norway 3. IOP Netherlands 4. Kragero High School, Norway 5. IOP USA individual sponsors 6. Bell and Carlene Bate, USA 7. Individual sponsors from IOP Norway 8. IOP Norway ...and so many others, have made this possible. May God bless all of them. We thank you all. Your true love made all this possible. Each cent donated carried an equal weight.
The IOP family wishes to convey its greetings to all who made this possible. We continue to invite all friends and partners to continue doing the great works for the sustainable development to our Tanzanian Children and Families, with the special focus to the vulnerable communities/children and orphans.
Let us pray for all form four students who will be having their examinations from Tomorrow, 30th October 2017
Education and care
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Tom Van De Wouw, Netherlands

We are pleased to welcome you to our IOP Community. Volunteering for the orphans and the vulnerable children makes them feel blessed and loved. When you touch their hearts, you build the best memories in their lives. Indeed, your first time to our community, opens the very new chapter in our desires to ensure the new standard of living for the Tanzanian Community. With you, all the times! Arrival: 10th July 2017


Anne Ferwerda, Netherlands

You are welcome, for the second time. We are greatly honoured to receive your volunteer service for the second time. This is the best moment that you make your life and happiness given to others. We enjoyed very much your cooperation last time and the best comes again, with you. Be blessed and welcome so much. Arrival: July 10, 2017

Sietske Hoekstra, Netherlands

Congratulations for choosing to come to IOP. It is a place where you will see the fruits of your hourly interaction with the community. Girls and staff welcome you and wish you the best stay that will leave an everlasting memory. Karibu sana! Arrived on 10th July 2017

Sietske Hoestra


Job Van Den Elsen, Netherlands

Once again, you are welcome! Thanks for the great works, Mr Job. We had missed you and your promise to come for another time has been fulfilled. In this trip, you have been accompanied by your friends, one being for the second time and the other two, being their first time. Big up for your Ambassadorship! Arrival: 10th July 2017


Marta Olivero, Italy

For the second time, Marta, welcome! We are happy to see you coming again. The IOP Community appreciates your decision to come and volunteer . We value your stay and we will make your stay the best! 

Giulia Mellano, Italy

Thank you for coming again. We are pleased to have you as our IOP Ambassador. Your experiences, knowledge and values are our strengths. Your inputs to IOP Italy board, is much appreciated. Karibu tena to share your love with us and our lovely IOP Center girls, for the fifth time. They missed you a lot. Arrival: 16/July/2017



Tecla Wanjiru, from Kenya

Dear Tecla Wanjeri, you are welcome. Thank you for coming to volunteer with IOP. Your stay in IOP will change the lives of our children, community and yourself as well. We love and appreciate your choice to come and be with us for two weeks. We pray for your great stay, Tecla, from Kenya. You are in one of our lovely East African Community's countries! ....Be blessed!

 Posted on July 18, 2017

Community for Change Participants (Tanzania)

2017/18 Communication for Change (CFC) participants. From left-Silla Kivamba and Adam Mtilizi. Thanks Y-GLOBAL/SUFH, Norway, for enabling the presence of this inspiring and life changing program for the youths from Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh and Norway. All the best to all participants from all countries. 

Silla Kivamba AND Adam Mtilizi

Silla Kivamba(Left), Adam Mtilizi(Right)

Posted on 29/06/2017

Christian Solidarity International(CSI) and IOP Luxembourga Visit to IOP Tanzania

IOP is proud of Sunflower Montessori School, Luxembourg and Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Luxembourg for your support and founding of the Sunflower Montessori Primary School, IOP Tanzania. Foundation works have started. 6 classrooms to be completed in 2017. Thank you for the very great work. This comes as a special dedication, as well, to our IOP Luxembourg Committee and leadership for their official partnership with CSI towards this fulfilment!!!!

On 26/June.2017, IOP Tanzania gladly welcomed the team from CSI-Véronique Weis and De Rond Patrick and Tom O'Dea from Sunflower Montessori-Lux(Director)/IOP Luxembourg(Treasurer). They witnessed what took place during the pilot project-2016 where the ground for the construction of the school leveled, a 50,000Litres water tank was constructed and electricity was installed. During this time, they saw, as well, the digging of the foundations for the first six classrooms. Thanks for their visit. 


New Volunteer

After your trip to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, you are now back to your home-IOP Tanzania- for the second time. We appreciate with the greatest respect. We welcome to, dear Lynn Mulder, from Netherlands. Be blessed.

Welcome Lynn Mulder

July 04, 2017


Drip irrigation applied both in rural and urban settings. 1/4 of the water is used per day as compared to ordinary bucket irrigation.

June 29, 2017