Farm for the future

A commercial farm operating on a leased land owned by IOP. In this farming investment IOP owns 25% of shares, whereby IOP’s Managing Director is the Vice Chairperson of the Company. Click here to visit Farm for the future’s website

block machine

Ilula and nearby communities serve as the project’s primarily clients, purchasing the blocks and pavings for commercial usage. We contribute to local construction and employment opportunities. A total of 35018 blocks and 5765 paving blocks were produced between January and June 2023.

shoping center

The center offers products and financial services through mobile banking partnerships with CRDB and NMB banks as well as mobile money services. Surpluses are kept inside the organization by the business center continuing to act as the procurement unit for IOP programs and projects.


This is a restaurant which serves various dishes sold to clients in the Ilula community and IOP staff. The revenues from food sales serve as IOP’s sustainability strategy in providing its services.


IOP involves in farming projects which provide a crucial role providing food security, promoting sustainability and teaching life skills and best agricultural practices to the community.

real estates

IOP owns lands for housing, business and other investments, all of these play a vital role in ensuring the sustainability of the organization and its programs.

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